ASICS Gel Cumulus Running Shoe Review

Ratings by Runner's Choice
  • Stability - 9.2/10
  • Comfort - 9.2/10
  • Design - 8.7/10
  • Cushioning - 8.7/10
User Rating 4.13 (8 votes)

We Like

- It's a well-balanced running shoe that is suitable for regular usage. ASICS has engineered it for both speed and comfort using light and highly durable materials.

- These shoes are true to size. You do not have to order your best ASICS running shoes a size larger, to get a pair that fits you well.

- The patented impact absorbing GEL mid-sole in the ASICS GEL-Cumulus heightens its flexibility. You can, for instance, use then on the toughest of terrains, while maintaining their integrity and safety levels.

We Don't Like

- This shoe lacks an impact guidance system for coordinating running or lowering pro-nation.

- It is best for natural runners with a thirst for speed.

- If they are too snug, it’s worth sizing up or at the last resort, choosing a different pair of running shoes.

Bottom Line

- The ASICS GEL-Cumulus is fast, light shoe, and comfortable.

- A durable, responsive midsole offers to cushion for everyday training, with a responsive feel that also excels at uptempo running and speedwork.

- This is an excellent running shoe that is worth buying.

Product Description

For many, the process of choosing the right pair of running shoes is a daunting task. With many options available to consumers, finding a shoe that will work with your particular support needs can take quite awhile. Fortunately, the ASICS Gel Cumulus line of running shoes is a widely loved design that offers the support and flexibility you'll need for a comfortable running experience.

The ASICS GEL Cumulus is a famous running shoe, most loved by natural everyday trainers. It has memory foam cushions, gel padding, and a breathable outer fabric made of mesh for maximum comfort. Its soles also have impact-absorbing abilities and are significantly lighter than many over-the-top models in the Asics franchise. Finally, for those with a natural gait and do not over pronate when running, the transitions heel and toe movements smoothly. Professional and novice runners so, therefore, achieve higher speeds, while protecting their feet from serious injuries.

The foam cushioning and impact-absorbing soles ensure your feet receive minimal abuse during your run while the breathable outer fabric allows your feet the air needed to live one of the most comfortable running experiences you can have. The overall design and performance of the ASICS Cumulus make it the go-to shoe for many runners around the world.

This ASICS GEL-Cumulus review highlights this shoe’s performance, design, and reasons why you should add a pair or two to your arsenal of exercise equipment.


One of the most important things to consider when looking for a running shoe is your natural pronation. While a seasoned runner understands how important finding the right shoes for their natural gait is, new runners may underestimate the difference using the right shoe can make over time.

The ASICS Cumulus features a flexible forefoot that increases comfort and lightness while running. Combined with a stiff heel design that increases the overall stability of the foot and ankle by preventing dislodging, the ASICS Cumulus is an excellent shoe for anyone with a proper and naturally neutral running gait.

Upper Construction

The upper design of a running shoe can make or break its comfort for many. Made of a lightweight material that is extremely breathable, the upper construction of the shoes features enough room to comfortably house your toes within the light padding.

Featuring an airy mesh construction, your feet will be able to breathe well while enjoying the lightweight feeling the upper provides. With excellent mobility and a lightweight upper, you'll be able to experience true freedom throughout your run with the Cumulus as opposed to running shoes with firm uppers.

This also lends itself well toward making it a truly versatile shoe for everyday use.

Sole Construction

As for sole construction, the Gel-Cumulus features plenty of gel to ensure maximum comfort and support. Because the gel is soft, you will notice a squishy feeling on impact. However, the amount of gel feels like a great balance between the quality of your steps and true impact-protection.

Anyone with a rigid foot will also enjoy the outsole pattern of the shoe. With several substantial flex grooves throughout the front and a guidance line running the full length of the shoe, you'll never be left wanting for more flexibility. However, unlike many shoe manufacturers, ASICS uses a stiff heel counter in the Gel Cumulus series. This ensures that your feet are well-grounded and experience minimal side-to-side flex, which will result in fewer injuries.

These features of the sole design all come together to provide you with a very flexible and well-supported running gait throughout your step cycle. This flexibility also makes the shoes an excellent choice if you're looking for something to wear every day.


The innovative design of the GEL-Cumulus has made it one the best ASICS running shoes in the market. Its upper, for instance, is breathable and light. It also accommodates toes well whether a person is exercising on a treadmill or participating in a high-impact activity such as racing. To improve its functionality further, Asics has kept the padding on its upper light.

While the low padding does not cushion bunion toes as the GT-2000 5 and ASICS GEL Nimbus 17 models do, it keeps the shoe flexible and very comfortable, no matter the distance traveled.

For stability, ASICS has stiffened the heel counter. It locks the foot down and prevents it from rolling from side to side when running at high speed. Finally, to alleviate pressure from high impact areas such as the lateral heel and first metatarsal region of the foot, ASICS has fitted a thick midsole made of its patented high-quality Gel. This Gel is soft and squishes on impact, lowering the risk of serious injuries.


Of the ASICS stability running shoes in the market, the GEL-Cumulus model is a high-performance design that continues to affect the lives of millions of people positively. When worn, for instance, the foam and gel cushions fitted in this shoe stay soft and comfortable for long.

The breathable material at the top also cools the shoe for maximum comfort, while its sweat-wicking ability eliminates bad odor. Finally, this shoe’s toe box is comfortable both depth wise and width wise. It's stiffened heel counters lower side flexing while its smooth toe and heel transitions heighten speed and the runners safety.


Even with its simple speed-enhancing design, ASICS GEL-Cumulus is a comfortable running shoe. Its memory foam padded interiorly is comfortable. It also supports the foot well when the shoe is in use.

Next, the soft and squishy GEL midsole fitted in this shoe absorb impact. This lowers the risk of developing metatarsal and or lateral heel problems, even if you exercise daily on hard surfaces such as asphalt or rough outback terrain. Finally, the breathable cover, close-fit design, and the flexible upper of these running shoes lower heat build-up and maximize comfort further.

Product Features

Three major features have made this ASICS stability running shoes the best selling in the market.
Product Features

Still Heel Counter

Unlike many brands, ASICS has made the heel counters of these running shoes stiff, for good reasons: First, because of their strength, these counters ground the feet well when running. They prevent the shoe from dislodging at high speeds and improve the overall stability of these shoes. Finally, even at high speeds, the counters prevent the feet from flexing side-to-side, which lowers the risk of injuries.

Flexible Forefoot

The forefeet of ASICS GEL-Cumulus running shoes are flexible. Even though they are less cushioned and lack the inherent stability needed to prevent over pro-nation, regular racers and people with a natural gait appreciate its lightness and overall comfort when at full flight.

Patented GEL Mid sole

Courtesy of the patented GEL midsole in the Cumulus, people with metatarsal disorders or a high risk of lateral heel problems can now exercise regularly, without aggravating foot problems. This mid sole is soft and squishy, and absorbs impact well.

What’s new?


Everyone ultimately wants to find the best fitting and supporting shoe to use while running. However, there are so many options available that it can be quite difficult to find the right pair when choosing running shoes. Fortunately, the overall design of the ASICS Gel-Cumulus makes it a very well-rounded shoe that is able to be worn comfortably as an everyday shoe while also providing the additional benefit of proper ankle support should you decide to go for a late-afternoon run.

The breathable mesh upper construction and toe box, that is both wide and deep, ensure you'll never feel as though you're cramming your feet into the shoe. Combined with the fact the memory foam used in the sole stays soft and comfortable for a long time, you'll have one of the best shoes for running that are exactly what a neutral training shoe should be.