About Us

If old age and disease didn’t stop Fred Lebow, then you have no excuse not to run. As he noted, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the fastest or the slowest. The only thing that matters is that you do it. Here at Runners’ Choice, we urge you to run, run, and run some more.

Run in events. When there are none on the immediate schedule, run during the mornings. Or after work. Run on the weekends. Run around the park. Run around the city. Run with your family and/or friends.

Heck, run with your dog. After all, running is such a joy (and healthy to boot, of course) no matter how you do it, where you do it, when you do it, and whether you do it alone or with someone else. Bring your iPod or MP3 player with you and it’ll be an even better experience.

We love running. And we’re sure that you’re head over heels (running shoes, in this case) for it too. We can talk about our mutual affection for running here at Runners’ Choice.

We’ve got fun reads, event schedules, and a whole lot more over here. Our objective is to be the perfect hangout in between your runs or races. So do drop by whenever you’re not darting towards a finish line.