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Life is a race. Don’t be left behind. Runners Choice is a community of runners and your one-stop shop for all useful information and quality running products. We set the pace with fun reads and events schedules.

We bring you reviews of the best sportswear and fitness accessories and share expert guides. Let us do this together.

Is Runners Choice for You?

Are you a beginner and don’t have a clue about how or where to start running?

Are you overwhelmed by many running shoe brands and models and need expert guidance in choosing the best options?

Or are you determined to run more and improve your performance for health and self-fulfillment?

If your answer is yes on one or all of the above questions, then Runners Choice is for you.

We will get you started on training and race preparation.

We will help you choose the best running shoes for the gym, best running shoes for a marathon, best shoes for back pain, and other categories you can think of. If you ask about it, we research it.

Our fundamental objective is to make your dreams become a reality. From firsthand experience, I know how good it feels to live your dreams and live life on your own terms. For that reason, I direct a big team of researchers, writers, and running experts that can share insights and recommendations to help you run for longer each new day.

I look forward to having you onboard.

The first thing to figure out about through running is to answer one fundamental question:

Why do you run?

Different people will answer that question differently. 

Run for a change

For many people, running is a dream beyond reach. Increasing one’s running potential requires a blend of time, resources, and motivation.

I have struggled with weight issues since my teenage years. I have never been accused of being physically fit, and for sure, I have never been the perfect example of a sports lover.

Along these lines, when I entered the lottery for a Chicago Marathon, it appeared to be pretty crazy that I would enthusiastically and intentionally attempt such an impossible undertaking. But then I got accepted into the lottery, and there was no turning back.

I was a total novice and knew nothing about 26.2 miles races. But, I had a  vision and passion and a whole lot of determination.

I needed to demonstrate to myself and the world that all you require to prevail in life’s hardest difficulties is to have faith in yourself and a conviction that you can overcome.

I’d spent many years as a desk jockey – realtor managing properties and hunting for the best deals for deep-pocketed investors. My weekend fun activity was reality TV and a bucket of popcorn. My life had zero adventure.

I had to wake up. I joined a professional running community, browsed incalculable sites, and even talked to several professional learners online. I started writing about running and my struggle with weight. I was gradually starting to be an inspiration to many people in their various difficulties, from divorce to illnesses.

When training got tough, I become even tougher. Every day was a fight against myself and my weaknesses. The injuries, the pain, and the sweat gradually transformed me. I became stronger every day.

I still remember how it felt to cross the finish line at Grant Park. It was an incredible feeling. It felt like I had crossed over to another dimension. My body was numb and empty, but I felt so alive. It was an awakening that sent me in pursuit of the joy of life. Two years later, I did it again in Seattle, and the same feeling took over me as I crossed the finish line.

Run for your money

On a Monday in mid-2010, I submitted my resignation and returned the keys to the company car. My plan? To run, to write about, and to live it in every way possible. I had never felt so liberated in life. At last, I had found my passion.

I was jobless and carless, but not afraid. I certainly had no contract, and I wasn’t even aiming for that. Slowly the pieces started forming into place. Reviews, guest appearances, and podcasts led to the birth of Runners Choice.

My name is Mark Brian, and I am not a typical runner. My vision for Runners Choice is to enable you to feel free to be fit, no matter where you are coming from. Over the years, I have learned that runners come in all shapes and sizes. I was fat, but still, I managed to tuck several marathons under my belt.

I quit my job to chase this dream, and it has paid off. I perfected my passion and professionalized it throughout the long term. On Runners Choice, I inspire and motivate you to achieve your running goals—those resolutions that you set every New Year. I share details on running events,  reviews of the best running shoes and accessories, and much more.

If you love to run, you have come to the right place. Runners Choice is a family of runners. We run on the weekends and early mornings on weekdays. We run at events. We run around the park or in our neighborhoods with our dogs. We never quit.

We share our experiences on the track. Make sure to browse several of our articles when preparing for a race. We have products, tips, techniques, and insights that could take you further.

Run for your health

Running never disappoints. Whether for beauty, a stronger immunity, or recovery, I have seen firsthand how this type of physical activity can be a blessing to your body. I’d never stepped foot in a gym to lose weight, but running did it for me.

With the existence of many amazing running trails near me, I didn’t have anything to hold me back. Furthermore, I let myself know that the effort would pay off in better physical fitness.

What I didn’t expect was that running could change not just my body but also my mind.

There are weight reduction advantages to this cardio routine, yet the greatest advantages of hitting the track are more than just a slender waistline. Much the same as with some other type of physical activity, there are many more perks than cons. I am no longer stuck at a dead-end job, and that’s just an example.

At Runners Choice, we talk about running and its challenges. We share goals and push each other to attain them.

Run for the joy of it

If you are a runner, then you know how easily it can be addicting. Endorphins. These are the happiness hormones that are shared across all running communities. Your day job may be the most stressful or your finances a mess, but when you run with us, all that melts away.

When you are running, your brain releases the feel-great hormones that liven up your mood. You feel more joyful during and after the exercise. All in all, running it’s a pretty excellent solution for an awful day. And there is also the advantage of getting vitamin D when you’re running outside.

Runners Choice shares the most up to date event schedules so that you never miss out on these benefits.

Run for self-fulfillment

In my many years of running, I have learned that the main individual you’re truly competing with when you run is yourself. Each run and each race are an occasion to push your perseverance levels. The prize for your persistent effort won’t come easy, yet that feeling you get when you cross the finish line is unparalleled.

If you are just getting started and are intimidated by the magnitude of it all, don’t worry. Runners Choice has got your back. In our How-to Section, we share everything you need to start and become a successful runner.

Run with like-minded individuals

We volunteer to be your personal coach and running buddies. Insights show that running – especially in races – is growing immensely popular. Odds are you have a few colleagues or companions that love this activity and are willing to join you on the trail early mornings and weekends. At Runners Choice, we are determined to help you and your running friends perform better.

Or enjoy the beauty of doing it solo

Once in a while, you only need your shoes, your earphones, and the path before you. Indeed, a bit of personal time can really be beneficial for you. Learn the joys of solo running on Runners Choice. From reviews to expert opinions and how-tos, we have got you covered.

Run for your beauty sleep

Over the years, I have learned that running and sleep are connected at the hip. The more you run, the better you get to sleep at night, night owls are you there? Runners Choice doesn’t just focus on elevating your running game. We find ideas to improve your wellness on every level.

And skip homework

At Runners Choice, we share a passion for running, even at work. We work on the go in shorts and t-shirts and running shoes. We test products and ideas on the trail, track, and treadmill before sharing them with you.

Let’s do the homework for you so you can focus on running. We will bring you the most exciting running events near you.

We will bring you honest reviews and recommendations. We will link you to like-minded people and experts to push your dreams.

It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how long you run, if you are trying, you are an achiever, and at Runners Choice, we recognize and nurture that.

Add order and routine into your life

I eschewed having to wake up at 5 am to prepare for the marathon, but it was worth it in the end. Running is my life now. It is what I look forward to every day. In between the races, I get time to catch up with you on Runners Choice, share my experiences, and hear from you.

And maintain a sharp mind

The more you run, the more you sharpen your mind. This physical activity can improve cognitive abilities even as you age. At Runners Choice, our dream is to keep you running every day to improve your working memory and performance at work or school.

Sign up at Runners Choice

Maybe nothing offers more advantages to a runner than plugging into a community. Many runners appear for a race every so often or run without anyone else at the training center. Runners Choice opens doors for you to join running networks near you, volunteer at a race, or mentor young enthusiasts.

There are numerous ways to participate. Register fast when we share the events on our site or social media.  You can follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter, so you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

When you plug yourself into a running network, you’ll make new friends that give you a new motivation to achieve your goals– and you may continue running a lot later in your life.

And Experience the Difference

Runners Choice is not an ordinary site. We break down complexities and present information in an easy to understand manner. The items you find here are thoroughly investigated, tested, and surveyed by our writers and editors.

How we choose our products on Runners Choice:

Quality and variety: When you visit our site, you will discover broad subjects on running. We cover specific topics for both male and female runners at beginner and pro levels. If you are looking for specific running shoes and related products, we bring you a wide variety of quality and affordable products to choose from.

Performance and user experience: We bring extraordinary items that can serve you for a long time, giving you the best value for money. We guarantee that our reviews and recommendations are about safe and superior quality products designed to boost your performance and motivate you for another day of running.

Affordability: We can help you get the best bargains on running shoes and sportswear. Regardless of your budget or preferences, you can be sure to find the best running products on Runners Choice.

We are in touch with your needs.

We communicate in your language, and we are transparent and straightforward. We won’t force anything on you. We will reveal to you why what we recommend is best and engage you on a personal level. There is nothing perfect on this planet, and so you can expect our reviews to give you a heads-up of all the caveats to expect when you buy a certain product.