A Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

A Beginner’s Guide: How do I start Trail Running First, practicing your stamina is crucial. The athletes of trail running specifically advice for beginners to adapt to the natural region. The steep level of land and the variety of region that you may face is not something you experience on the flat street. It is important to take it easy, for someone who rarely goes in sport, because a sudden pump in your heart may hurt it. Here are some more Tips to Starting Trail Running 1. Sportswear First of all, you might need good shoes, which have the pointy … Read more

How to Choose Running Clothing

How to Choose Running Clothes

Unsure what to wear on your run? Read our how to choose your running clothes guide at Runner’s Choice. Wouldn’t you feel higher as a runner if you would be running all prepared with the most snug clothes you’ll be able to ever wear? Yes, it is a truth that all varieties of runners, whether a newbie in running or a veteran runner is greatly laid low with the types of running clothes they wear when running. As abundant as potential, runners would like to wear the comfiest clothes that would not solely make them the greatest runners, however, would … Read more

The Best Running Shoes For Marathon And Long Distance Runners

Best Running shoes

In the broad arena of the marathon and long distance running, the unsung heroes of these sporting events are really the athlete’s shoes, strange though that may seem. They support the runner for hours at a time, providing comfort, stability, and grip, and help to keep the athlete’s posture and physical health the top priority. For competitive runners, getting the best running shoes that your money can buy is one of the biggest, most important investments that can be made. There are several tips available that can help smooth out the processes of selection, maintenance and more. Marathons and Other Popular Sports … Read more

When is the Best Time to Go Running?

Best Time to Go Running

Some of you might still wonder what is best, running in the morning or the evening. You might have an issue to find the right time because of the overloaded daily schedule, and you might wonder what is best. I used to ask myself this question too and just to find out I only had to put it to the test. And guess what? There is no right answer. It is totally up to you to decide. Benefits Of Running in the Morning When I started running 6 years ago, the primary reason was to increase my energy level, I … Read more

The Definitive Guide: Hydration During Running

Hydration Running Pack Reviews

The human body, when properly cared for, runs very much like a well-oiled machine. For endurance athletes, this can take shape in the form of a new PR (personal record) or breakthrough performance when training, fueling, and rest are all primed in sync. However, there is one more critical element in your nutritional repertoire that must not be overlooked. It is hydration, and this crucial element can mean the difference between a stellar race and a DNF (Did not finish). The chief goal of this article will be to teach how to drink for running performance and overall well-being as … Read more

7 Things You Need to Know Before Running Your First Marathon

Learn First Marathon

Training for a marathon can be a comprehensive task. Regardless of you are a beginner, training for your first marathon, or a more experienced runner that wants to finish in a new personal best, it is essential to prepare yourself the best you can. After all, you are training for an event where the first man in history that did it died from exhaustion. The History Of the Marathon Marathon running has its historical origins in ancient times when the Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC. A Persian invasion fleet with 20,000 warriors went ashore at “Fennel plain” … Read more

11 Tips to Run Better and Recover Faster

Running Recovery

Being a marathon runner, requires train. What is just as important is, that your body has time to relax. What a lot of people do not realize is that it is while relaxing (recovering) that your body gets stronger. In this article you will learn: How Training Affects Your Body When the body is exposed to your marathon training, or any training for that matter, it will try to adapt by rebuilding itself. In the rebuilding phase, your body gets stronger. After your body has being rebuilt, it will be able to meet a greater amount of training. Recovery under … Read more

Choose The Best Women’s Running Shoes

Best Women’s Running Shoes

Until relatively recently, the common approach of sportswear companies towards women’s running shoes was the now sarcastic motto “shrink ‘em and pink ‘em”, as women running shoes were no more than a man’s shoe in feminine colors. Best Running Shoes for Women 2016 Nowadays, a sports company understood the huge market potential represented by female runners and they are starting to approach the design and engineering of running shoes for women in a different way. It is a fact that women are bio-mechanically very different from men, and by focusing on those differences and addressing specific issues is now the … Read more

The History of Distance Running

Distance Running

Running events aren’t modern creations. That, of course, isn’t surprising since us humans have been able to run since, well, humans were invented. After all, running is as natural to us as talking, walking, eating, drinking, and dropping “bombs” in everyone’s favorite chair (the crapper, for those who didn’t catch on right away). And because of that, it didn’t take that long before people thought of besting each other at it. Athletes have been participating in distance running events long before Usain Bolt was obliterating his competition. In fact, the first recorded distance running events were held as early as … Read more