Tips for Choosing the Best Hydration Pack

Tips to Choosing the Best Hydration Packs

The hydration pack is a gear that you need to own if you are a person who likes sport or outdoor activity. There are two types of hydration pack, the backpack, and the waist pack. Both of them has the bladder to carry a fluid supply. The hose will be led above the shoulder and placed in backpack/ waist pack chest strap. As a result, you will be easier to quench thirst, only by sucking the valve. However, some of the hydration packs; especially the backpack, equipped with cargo space for store your clothing, food, or other types of equipment. … Read more

Easy and Fast Warm Up – How to Warm Up Before a Trail Race

Trail Race

Doing warm-up is kind of must-to-do thing for every trail runner before performing the race. A good warm-up will make them and their body more ready for the race. What’s more, some researchers reveals that doing warm-up can make us don’t get exhausted easily while running. However, if you are a trail runner beginner, you probably have no idea to do warm up before a trail race. Here we provide you some basic warm up to do before you start the race. Check this out! The Best Warm-Up Exercises for Runners Several studies and professional athlete reveals that the best … Read more