Puma Tsugi Shinsei: In-Depth Review and Buying Guide for Sneakers


Sneakers blend sportswear and casual wear, giving users versatility of function and great value for money. The best sneakers offer balance and stability to the wearer, along with high impact absorption, and a comfortable, secure fit.

I used to start every New Year with new resolutions, and keeping fit was always top on the list. Sadly, I often ended up disappointing myself just a few months into the New Year. From January, I would start out highly enthusiastic about hitting the gym and running several miles every day, but then that spirit would fizzle out before March ends. I knew I had to address this problem if I had any shot of reducing the fat around my waist.

As I came to find out, I didn’t have commitment issues, and neither was I a quitter. The missing piece in the puzzle was a comfortable shoe to get me in the right calorie-burning mood. Then I went shopping for gym sneakers and nearly got a whiplash from the countless options I was faced with in the market. To cut through the maze, I dove into research for sneaker buying tips, and some are shared below.

Buying guide for gym sneakers

Understand your foot morphology

There are different types of feet, and shoemakers target each one with different designs of the shoes.  If you tend to over pronate, you will need a shoe that stabilizes your motion to reduce the chances of your feet rolling inwards.   In this case, try to find a shoe with a hard foam material on the midsole to prevent your foot from buckling inwards.

Without a stable shoe structure that targets to reduce over pronation, you risk putting too much pressure on the muscles and tendons of the foot and lower leg. That’s a situation that can lead to many injuries, including shin splints, Plantar fasciitis, Bunions, and Achilles tendonitis, among others.

On the other hand, if your feet roll outside during movement, you need a sneaker with a reliable cushioning for shock absorption.  In the over supination state, your feet will be incapable of absorbing pressure. You will feel an intense pressure on your knees and thighs. If you desire to reduce over supination, it advisable to find a sneaker that is highly cushioned and flexible for natural movement.

Find a sneaker that fits right

The golden rule for sneakers and other sports/casual wear is that fit matters most. Whether you will be running, working, or moving about in them all day, you need a shoe that can minimize fatigue and ease the pressure on your joints. The shoes shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. To ensure that your choice is the right fit expert recommend try the shoes on without socks.

Take a test in the sneakers

For me, I needed sneakers that provided a high level of performance on a workout. To get the feel and the responsiveness of the shoe, I would request to test them for one or two days on a treadmill before deciding to buy (or not).

The sole

Find sneakers whose sole design facilitates comfort, support, and durability. Ideally, the outsole should feature a sturdy rubber for high grip and support. A grooved or patterned rubber outsole helps with traction.

When it comes to the midsole, you should go for the one that feels soft without being too squishy.   The right cushioning technology in the midsole will help with shock absorption to minimize fatigue or increase when you work out in the shoes.

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The Upper

The best sneaker for sports and casual wear should feature a large toe box. The toe box is the forward section of the upper, and it needs to have enough room for your toes to move freely. Without that, you risk bruising your toes during movement and eventually developing nail infection.

You will find that many sneaker brands use synthetic uppers.  The right material on your sneaker’s upper should allow for high breathability. The mesh should be flexible to allow for free foot movement while maintaining a secure non-slip fit.


Lacing helps to secure the shoe on your feet and prevent cases of slipping.  Your best sneaker needs to have enough eyelets for achieving a comfortable fit around the ankle. Some models use a lacing system that ties the midsection to the tongue for better performance in high motion.


Some shoes are meant to fulfill a single purpose, but if you are shopping for sneakers, you probably also want to use them with your jeans and tees.  For that reason, finding a sneaker with a stylish design can enable you to get the most value out of your buck.

Puma Tsugi Shinsei

Puma Tsugi Shinsei is the latest addition to Puma’s catalog of sportswear.  Tsugi Shinsei is a Japanese phrase meaning ‘futuristic invention.’ The shoe drops after Puma’s many years of Puma’s experimentation with many materials, including Evoknit and Ignite Foam. It also doesn’t come as a surprise that the Tsugi Shinsei shoe feature many Japanese elements of design.

The Good

The Bad

The Upper

The upper of the Puma Tsugi Shinsei sneaker blends a variety of materials including mesh on the toe box, leather on the side panels, elastic heel wrap, and Evoknit collar. These materials are lightweight, adding to the comfort levels of the shoe in all nature of activities.

The mesh toe box is a breathability feature that most add to the comfort of sneakers and athletic shoes.  The resultant air circulation will cool your toes to prevent excessive sweating and the consequential Athlete’s Foot.  The mesh is also very flexible and feels like PrimeKnit, allowing for natural foot movement.

Even better, the shoemaker has used Evoknit material from the midfoot to the heel section. Evoknit is highly flexible and comfortable, such that the shoe will feel like a sock around your foot. The midfoot also has a shield vamp that adds more support and structure to the Tsugi Shinsei.

The lacing system of the Puma Tsugi Shinsei breaks off the beaten path; instead of being on top of the tongue, the lacing system is on the side panels.  It links the shoe’s tongue to the side panels, giving users the feel of one-piece shoe design while enabling a secure fit. This lacing system can also be seen on other Puma installations such a Mostro and Speed Cat.

The midsole

The midsole stand out with the proprietary Ignite Foam. This cushioning technology assures users of excellent comfort and flexibility.  The way Puma has iterated the Ignite Foam material into the Tsugi Shinsei design adds an unmistakable aesthetic appeal to the shoe.

Unlike in the previous Puma models, the midsole of the Tsugi Shinsei is focused more on comfort and beauty as opposed to performance. This shoe brand is, therefore, much of a lifestyle product, for anyone looking to redo their wardrobes with casual footwear. Be that as it may, users can expect uncompromising features for support and safety. A rubber outsole complements the Ignite midsole; the rubber is razor-edged to help with stability and grip.

Comfort levels

The Ignite Foam material on the midsole is highly responsive to enable smooth rides. This cushioning technology excels at impact protection.  The heel area feels soft and solidly structured, making the Tsugi Shinsei shoe suitable for standing all day. Even so, do not expect an excellent level of impact protection as with materials such as Air Max or Boost

Sole Grip

As mentioned before, the Puma Tsugi Shinsei fits in the sporty casual wear category as opposed to being a high-performance shoe.  The Razor-edged sole delivers a considerable amount of grip, but like what you will find in running shoe models. Still, you can expect stability and excellent traction on many types of surfaces.  The rubber outsole is also dense enough to last you a long time of heavy use.

The heel

Choose a sneaker that has a small and wide heel for stabilized movement. A wide and short heel provides more support for your heel and ankles. A high heeled shoe type raises your risk of ankle pains and shin splints.


Support may not be a paramount feature in casual sneakers, but Puma has made sure that users get a well-structured and stable shoe.  The shoe uses a full strap on the heel area to help with a balanced lockdown. The strap enables the shoe to fit securely around the heel and minimizes the risk of slipping off when in motion.  Also, the protective vamp on the Evoknit midsection secures the whole foot from both sides.

Color choices

The shoe model comes in a variety of colors, giving the user several ways to accentuate their casual wear. The black colorway can blend in with dark joggers while the white colorway should be ideal for matching with blue denim and a white tee, or any other street wear. There are several different Tsugi Shinsei colorways for men and women to have an easy styling courtesy of Puma.  

What Others Think

There is positive consumer feedback about the Puma Tsugi Shinsei sneakers. Many people like the beautifully designed and the variety of colorways that the shoe comes in. For others, it is the deep cushioning and the heel support that makes this shoe stable and balanced.

Alternatives to the Tsugi Shinsei Sneakers

1. New Balance 990v4

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This New Balance model goes toe to toe with Puma’s Tsugi Shinsei when it comes to comfort and support. New Balance 990v4 uses an Acteva Lite midsole that props up your heel, as opposed to Puma’s Ignite Foam midsole. The New balance shoe also uses an EVA insert to help with soft cushioning while its upper is mixed with mesh and pigskin.

The downside to the New Balance 990v4 sneaker is that the upper is a bit inflexible. The fit also feels large and may even be rated as sloppy by users that are used to the snuggly fit of the Tsugi Shinsei. The New Balance shoe also has higher price point than the Puma sneaker.

2. Nike Air Force 1

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This sneaker by Nike has a global reputation. Just like the Puma Tsugi Shinsei, the Air force 1 capitalizes more on comfort and support than it does on performance.  Whereas the Puma sneakers are lightweight, this Nike model is a bit heavier. The upper comprises of breathable materials while the sole features grooved rubber. You can comfortably wear the Air Force 1 on the streets, the gym, or the court.  There are also stylish options for men and women.

3. Nike Epic React Flyknit

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The Epic React Flyknit resembles the Adidas Ultra Boost. For the midsole shoe it uses a firm React foam that is also highly responsive.   Unlike the Puma Tsugi Shinsei, the Epic React uses a Flyknit upper that is flexible and fits snuggly like a sock. The midsole is capped with durable rubber around the heel area and forefoot.  This feature helps to attain a high grip. Unlike Puma’s Tsugi Shinsei model, the Epic React is shoe focused on athletics. The react technology makes for sufficient cushioning and responsiveness.

The bottom line

Puma has again sneaked into the hot sneaker list with the Tsugi Shinsei. Designed and structured like a performance shoe, the Tsugi Shinsei is casual footwear that promises users a high level of comfort, reliable support, and durability. The company goes all out with premium quality materials on this shoe model, including the patented Ignite Foam and Evoknit. The design style is remarkable too, and the shoe comes in a variety of monochrome colors to level up your swagger.

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