New Balance 990 v4 – An In-Depth Review & Buyer’s Guide

The New Balance 990v4 shoes are made for durability. With an upper which includes pigskin, they can be used on varied sporting activities which involve running. But are they right for you?


The Good

The Bad

Bottom Line

The running shoes represent a solution to be considered for durability and stability. The primary objective of the manufacturer was to establish a design which is easy to use and which can be recognized by people of all ages. Based on a solid rubber outsole, New Balance 990 can also be used as a secure design for older people who love to walk for exercise. With an uncomplicated design, they are easy to use and easy to fit on the legs. For this purpose, the 990’s can check all the boxes.


New Balance 990v4 Reviews

Size and Fit

Since the shoes come with an impressive selection of sized which range from 7 to 16, they can be an excellent option for all ages. Made for the high overall running shoe which can also be used to run to the store for groceries, it represents a design which has a limited appeal as only a trainer. They are shoe which can be used for maximum versatility. The fit is excellent although it might feel awkward due to the bulky design. However, the New Balance 990 is not made to be lightweight, and this is why the fit is acceptable for their purpose.

New Balance 990v4


With a classic rubber outsole which offers good stability even with lateral movement, New Balance managed to create a shoe which works for most surfaces. The blown rubber is also quite durable, and this means that you’ll be able to use them for a few seasons as well. However, it is not the most flexible outsole as together with the midsole, it forms a platform which mainly aims to cover multiple types of uses.

New Balance 990v4


The thick midsole of the New Balance 990 comes with a 12 mm drop. As one of the protective measures for your feet and joints, it can be an average design when compared to alternative shoes. At the same time, since the flexibility of the midsole is reduced, the drop can feel even higher than it actually is. For most people, this means that the shoes can offer extra protection for your feet concerning shock absorption but limited performance when it comes to sprints.


Made with a combination of mesh and pigskin, the shoes offer an upper with a traditional tongue. At the same time, the upper is also their strongest point. Since many people feel that they can be bulky and heavy from this perspective, the shoes are also seen as a great casual option as well. It can be said that they are addressed by the runner with an active lifestyle as well. You can easily pair the shoes with many casual outfits and take full advantage of the versatility of the lacing system, you can ensure the best overall results when it comes to upper durability as well.

New Balance 990v4


Although the midsole it quite thick, the design of the outsole offers excellent stability for all people. This is how the shoes actually made their way to the options of the elderly who might experience some stability issues. At the same time, they offer excellent lateral support which means that you can stay away from specific injuries. For this reason, the thick upper can also be seen as an attractive asset for improved stability.


Made to impress with their durability, the New Balance 990 v4 might even be too much from this perspective. The upper can be thinner to allow for a lighter experience. The midsole and outsole can also be more delicate to allow better torsion. But if New Balance wanted to create the ultimate shoe for durability, they are actually very close to the objective. This is why the appeal of the fourth version of 990 remains durability and the slightly awkward bulkiness.


If the design were to be all-leather, then the shoes would have a difficult time keeping your feet ventilated. But since the leather is just an overlay to the upper, it represents a solution regarding better breathability as well. While it will not be at the same level as some of the options on the market, it is actually within the standards of the manufacturer. Similar to the 510 running shoes, the 990v4 comes with good durability as well. It is also recommended to wear thinner socks with the boots since their padding is quite thick.

New Balance 990v4


There are no reasons to doubt the shoes perform well across a broader range of surfaces. Made with impressive traction, they represent a real alternative for many people. At the same time, the can be an option when you need good traction on wet surfaces as well.

New Balance 990v4


The style might be the least appealing characteristic of the New Balance 990 v4. Since they are not particularly visually appealing, they are addressed to those who put functionality above esthetics. Even the coloured options are not better, and some of the best options include the pure white, the all-black and the uppers with shades of grey.


The New Balance 990v4 are a type of shoes made to appeal to a wider range of runners of all ages. They are also a type of footwear which can replace casual shoes with walks or trips to the store. Made to appeal to such a broad range of potential users, the shoes are made for practicality. If you are looking to stand out, they are not the right option for you. But if you are actually listening to have stable shoes which will probably last for years, the New Balance shoes offer a solution which you can rely on.

New Balance 990v4

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