New Balance MX623v3

The New Balance MX623v3 shoes are recommended for all-day use. Since they have a non-marking outsole, they can also be used on various hardwood floors as well. This makes them quite a versatile solution for many people. While fans have high expectations, can the shoes represent a good upgrade?


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The Bad

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They are often used for various activities which are specific to the athletic person. You can use the shoes at the gym, out shopping or even as a daily option if you need more comfort. The sneakers are some of the most interesting all-purpose options from the manufacturer. They are not perfect, and they do not offer a major reason to upgrade for the fans of the series. But as your first choice for all types of activities, they can be an option for both men and women.


New Balance MX623v3 Reviews

Size and Fit

The size and fit of the shoes are slightly changed from the previous version. You need to consider ordering a larger size as they are tighter. At the same time, you also need to expect a slight loser heel is.

New Balance MX623v3


The non-marking rubber outsole recommends them for all types of surfaces. This includes wooden floors as well as they can easily get marked.

New Balance MX623v3


While not the best characteristic of the shoes, the midsole is made injection-molded EVA which recommends them among the leading options when it comes to better overall all-day comfort.

While sewing can make shoes more durable even with good flexibility, this is not necessarily the case with the MX623v3. New Balance did not sew the inside of the heel area upper which will not create problems for most users but which is regarded as lesser attention to details by many people.

New Balance MX623v3


The upper is the main strength of the shoes. It is made for good durability, and the leather materials are reinforced to offer good support for lateral movements as well. The shoes are thus a great option for simple activities such as walking and a good option for workouts as well.

Even in the conditions in which the upper is not particularly flexible, it still remains one of the main strengths. Since it is made of leather, it is a solution for durability as well. While the shoes don’t have a specifically tight fit, especially in the heel area, they offer good comfort levels for most people. With upper reinforcements, they are also a durable option as well.

New Balance MX623v3


With an internal shank, there is good support for the midfoot. At the same time, the 10mm drop allows you a feeling of safety during all types of activities. Another interesting reason to consider the shoes comes with the 10mm drop. This allows a good overall comfort for most people. Together with the IMEVA midsole, they can offer support in most cases. As they do not excel for arch support, you can consider using your own orthotic midsole as well. The heel pocket of the shoes is now wider than the previous version. While this is not necessarily a bad characteristic, there is a reason to doubt the best fit for those with thinner feet.


The overall durability of the shoes can be improved. While the rubber outsole is durable, the inner sewing issue of the upper might be improved.


Although not the best, the breathability of leather shoes is often not easy to improve. With some perforations in the midfoot and heel areas, the shoes can offer a breathable option to keep your feet cooler for longer.

The fit of the shoes is improved in the midfoot and forefoot area. Together with the leather perforations, they represent a good solution for added durability. On the hot summer days, this can prove to be an advantage.


The rubber outsole is highly recommended for slippery surfaces and many other types of hard floors. From the floors in a gym to the deck of a boat, they offer good traction for all people.

Traction can suffer if you do not find your right arch support midsole if you have high arches. Even if the shoes are not made to offer the best arch support as they are used for different purposes, it can be an issue for high arches. This is why you will be better off simply choosing your own custom midsole as to replace the one from New Balance if you know you have this issue.


The style is not the main strength of the shoes. Slightly outdated, the design of the upper needs more modern lines. While there are many colors to choose from, having brighter options such as yellow or green could also represent a great idea.

The shoes also stand out with the wide range of colors to choose from. You can find your own style with the MX623v3, and this has its appeal for many people. From the white options to the all-black upper and the colors in-between, there are a few modern options to consider.

With the help of the traditional lacing, the shoes can come with the custom fit which is recommended for daily use. In some cases when you might be looking to perform physical activity such as at the gym, the lacing can ensure a tighter fit.


The MX623v3 from New Balance represent a popular series. The third version of the popular series is here to challenge some of the issues of the previous models. The shoe series is often seen as a good daily option for active people. They might not offer the revolution expected by the fans of the series, but they can be good all-day shoes. At the end of the day, this is their main goal. It can be said that apart from minor issues, they are a good fit for most situations.

New Balance MX623v3

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