Under Armour Fat Tire 3: In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide for the UA Fat Tire 3


If you want to reap the most benefits out of your workout regime, consider going off the trodden path. Our bodies can get adapted even to the toughest of gym routines, and once that happens, you go into stagnation. That means no more significant weight loss, no matter how hard you pound the treadmill or lift weights.  

Trail running offers a way out of that stagnation, and with an all-terrain shoe like the Under Armour Fat Fire 3, your fat blasting mission might be a success.

The Good

The Bad

Under Armour Fat Tire 3 Review

The UA Fat 3(Under Armour Fat Tire 3) is the third installation in this series, featuring new improvements from its precursors. This new model is said to offer more breathability and flexibility.  The outsole features updates targeting durability and a firmer grip. This sole is the result of the collaboration between Under Armour and Michelin (a bike tire maker) to make a bike-tire like a shoe sole. What’s more, the shoemaker has added an antimicrobial fabric feature to this shoe model to help reduce the risk of fungal infection.

The design and structure of the shoe make it an all-weather shoe, giving off an ATV bike like vibe.   This shoe might prove beneficial if you love to explore hiking trails, or if your morning rubs take you off the road to uneven terrains.

Bottom Line

The Under Armour Fat Tire 3 is a cultural icon that has lived up to its ‘Under Armour’ name. It is often graded as the Under Armour of all classic sneakers. It has survived generation after generation without going out of style and serves its purpose both as good trainers and stylish ‘go-to-shoes.’

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What to look for in trail running shoes

For a long time, I couldn’t get my weight in check no matter how hard I hit the gym. I was lifting heavy weights and breaking sweat on the treadmill, but the fat around my waist remained unmoved. As I soon found out, I needed to take things off course. My body had gotten too used to my way of doing things.     

Trail running delivered results for me. It put my body through new tough challenges; climbing hills, jumping over logs and maintaining balance over rocks and slippery grass landscapes. However, for trail running to be a success, you need the right supportive and protective shoe:

Rock plate

For rapid fat burning, you will need to embrace a trail path with many obstacles.  Find a shoe with a stone shield built between the outsole and the midsole. This feature will help to protect your foot from rock bruising.


You boost your agility when you go up or down steep slopes that are layered with all types of rocks and shrubs. You also burn more calories this way, but your shoe needs to have enough cushioning to shield your feet from the pressure as your center of gravity keeps shifting.


By tackling hard paths in the woods, or hiking up cliffy rocks, your leg and core strength thrive.  This workout will create the calorie deficit needed for rapid weight loss. Nonetheless, for that to happen, you need shoes that can help you navigate the uneasy surfaces.   When shopping, check to ensure that the outsole of your trail running shoe has enough treads or lugs.

Waterproof features

Relentlessness is what will get you closer to your weight loss goals. That means going out against all kinds of weather, including the rain, mud or snow. Your trail running can also take you through creeks, and that shouldn’t be an excuse to low down. With a waterproofed trail running shoe, you will be able to maintain your momentum without worrying about soaking your feet. Waterproof boots also remain lightweight when wet, and that’s a desirable thing.

The Upper

What stands out in the UA Fat Tire 3 shoe model is the ripstop material of the upper. This material is made to be waterproof using Under Armour’s Storm1 technology.  Despite the waterproof nature of this upper, the fabric is still breathable and flexible. Because of that, users get a comfortable experience and agile movement.

The inside of the upper is lined with the Cupron Antimicrobial fiber material. This advanced feature serves to keep everything fresh. As is the case with workout gear, the occasional sweating can lead to a nasty build of bacteria, but UA has ensured that doesn’t happen with this model.

Because of the lining material, the resilient-looking tire shoe feels different on the inside- soft and comfortable. The tongue area features extra padding, and so does the heel collar. This cushioning proves helpful in reducing the risk of bruising when you add tempo to your run.

As an improvement to the previous models, the shoemaker has attached the tongue to one side of the shoe. It reduces the sloppy movement of the same during motion.  In addition to this uniquely designed tongue, the L6 Boa Speed closure system will help you get a snug fit.

The outsole

The outsole resembles tire treads, ripped and rugged at the same time. This outsole design is a sign of sturdy grip and durability on all types of roads and all types of weather.

On the length of the outsole, and around the midsole, you will notice a multi-way lug system. The lugs have bumps that are useful in increasing the traction of the sole. Because of this design features, you will be able to move on all forms of terrain with little difficulty.

The Midsole

Same as the outsole, the midsole is a collaborative effort of UA and Michelin.  The design is unlike any other on fitness shoes out there. Not disregarding the fact that its design might come off as rad, functionality is uncompromised.  In a workout shoe, functionality overrides aesthetics ever time.

So back to the features, the midsole structure uses the Charged Cushioning foam material developed by Under Armour. This foam covers the entire length of the shoe, functioning as a shock absorber and giving the user some level springiness.   The cushioning will take the pressure off your arches, and its responsiveness will provide you with the boost needed to go past your limits.

The UA Fat Tire3 also comes with an Ortholite sock liner which improves the comfort levels of the shoe.  This insole also boosts support, in addition to having moisture wicking capabilities. You will also find that because of its antimicrobial properties, you end up with a stink-free shoe that you can use for days on end.


Version 3.0 of the Under Armour Fat Tire features several changes that target to achieve high breathability.  This shoe uses a breathable textile on the upper with a few synthetic overlays. The design is useful in attaining free air circulation in and out of the shoe’s chamber. This flexible textile also helps the shoe to conform comfortably the shape of your foot.


The charged cushioning system makes the UA Fat Tire 3 feel like an old shoe.   For that reason, it takes minimal break-in time to get your feet accustomed. The proprietary cushioning system is beneficial in shock absorption. The inside of the shoe feels comfortable, owing to the soft inner lining.  What’s more, the padded tongue and collar will prove useful at minimizing irritation.


The style of the UA Fat Tire 3 is unique, owing to its tire read design.  The rest of the shoe is a low profile design with toned colors. This trail shoe comes in various colorways including grey and black with red intonations. This design might sideline some of your color preferences, but that is the nature of most trail shoes.


The material make of the shoe, from the upper outsole to the waterproof upper makes it a long term investment. The Wild Gripper outsole has the potential to withstand a long time of abuse on rough terrains.  In addition to that, the synthetic overlays of the upper minimize wear and tear.


The Michelin rubber on the outsole is useful to keep all kinds of objects from penetrating through to your feet.  Similarly, the Charged cushioning foam will absorb the excessive pressure on your feet when running. If left unchecked, such stress can often lead to tendon sprain, painful arches, and shin splint.  The overlays on the upper material will help to minimize lateral movement of your foot in the shoe.

What others think

Users are pleased with the UA Fat Tire 3’s comfortable fit. The cushioning and the convex sole is a desirable feature for many.  For many others, the rugged design of the outsole and the upper represents everything they would want in a hiking shoe. The Grip, the Traction and the Support are for many what the shoemaker has gotten right with this 3rd version of the Fat Tire.

Alternatives To The UA Fat Tire 3

1. Nike Wildhorse 4

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The Wildhorse 4 is the newest version in the Wildhorse trail shoe series by Nike. The shoes come has a steady and balanced design. The Wildhorse 4 is ideal for everyone looking for a trail running shoe that provides stability on treacherous terrains, grip, and protection.

The outsole is rubber-made and includes multi-directional lugs that serve to increase traction.  For this reason, the Wildhorse 4 can work in all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrain.

There is also a stone shield plate between the outsole and midsole to protect the runner.  Even so, this feature might be a bummer because it makes the shoes quite inflexible. On the midsole, Nike has used the phylon cushioning and a zoom air unit around the heel area. This cushioning, together with the rock plate, makes Nike Wildhorse 4 a safe hiking shoe.

The upper comprises of spacer mesh, a midfoot system, and dynamic Flywire.  The midfoot system is a thin elastic fabric that goes around the top in the midfoot areas. This system proves beneficial in supporting the upper and giving users a non-slip fit.

So what’s the downside in this upper?  Frankly, everything is smooth once you get used to it, but it will take some break-in period for your feet to get acquainted.  You might also find the midfoot system to be a pesky inclusion; it makes it hard to get out of the shoe.

2. Saucony Peregrine ISO

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The outsole of the Peregrine ISO stands out with teeth like lugs to help with grip and stability on treacherous terrains. The number of lugs on the outsole is 78, all of them designed to help users conquer rugged trails. Just like Nike’s Wildhorse 4, this shoe model features a rock protection system between the outsole and the midsole.

The cushioning of the Saucony Peregrine makes it an ideal shoe for everyone looking for extra support and protection. The shoemaker has used EVA material on the midsole.  The cushioning system also delivers a bouncier spring, and thus assists runners to go further.

The shoe uses a custom fit upper, complemented by a comprehensive lacing system.  The material used is flexible and thus convenient when your feet expand during a long run.

3. Altra Olympus 3.0

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The outsole has a generous number of lugs for grip and protection. There are angled treads to complement the lugs under the forefoot area and near the heel. These treads limit the risk of the sole getting tangled on the trail when running on a rough path, a phenomenon that would result in falls and severe injuries.

The Eva foam midsole of the Altra Olympus provide sufficient cushioning. Altra Olympus 3 also uses A-Bound foam that you will likely find comfortable for a smooth ride. The Upper comprises of a breathable mesh. Be that as it may, the top material is not waterproof, and the shoe can get incredibly heavy when wet.

In Conclusion

Trail running builds grit and accelerates weight loss because your body has to work extra hard for stability and balance. The right trail running shoe should offer your feet the needed protection against rocks and tough shrubbery.  The trail running shoe needs to have enough support to tackle undulating landscapes and a firm grip to deal with all kinds of surfaces. The Under Armour Fat Tire 3 ticks right on these boxes. It also throws in some extra cushioning and waterproofing.

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