Tips for Choosing the Best Hydration Pack

Tips to Choosing the Best Hydration Packs

The hydration pack is a gear that you need to own if you are a person who likes sport or outdoor activity. There are two types of hydration pack, the backpack, and the waist pack. Both of them has the bladder to carry a fluid supply. The hose will be led above the shoulder and placed in backpack/ waist pack chest strap. As a result, you will be easier to quench thirst, only by sucking the valve. However, some of the hydration packs; especially the backpack, equipped with cargo space for store your clothing, food, or other types of equipment. … Read more

How to Choose Running Clothing

How to Choose Running Clothes

Unsure what to wear on your run? Read our how to choose your running clothes guide at Runner’s Choice. Wouldn’t you feel higher as a runner if you would be running all prepared with the most snug clothes you’ll be able to ever wear? Yes, it is a truth that all varieties of runners, whether a newbie in running or a veteran runner is greatly laid low with the types of running clothes they wear when running. As abundant as potential, runners would like to wear the comfiest clothes that would not solely make them the greatest runners, however, would … Read more

Choose The Best Women’s Running Shoes

Best Women’s Running Shoes

Until relatively recently, the common approach of sportswear companies towards women’s running shoes was the now sarcastic motto “shrink ‘em and pink ‘em”, as women running shoes were no more than a man’s shoe in feminine colors. Best Running Shoes for Women 2016 Nowadays, a sports company understood the huge market potential represented by female runners and they are starting to approach the design and engineering of running shoes for women in a different way. It is a fact that women are bio-mechanically very different from men, and by focusing on those differences and addressing specific issues is now the … Read more