5 Best Women’s Running Shoes of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Running has always been a significant physical activity that promotes cardiovascular health. Whether you are a daily, occasional or professional runner, you need great running shoes. The market offers both men’s as well as women’s running shoes. However, we will be looking at the best women’s running shoes.

You should have noticed that there are many brands to select. When choosing the right shoes for you becomes challenging, reviews such as the one you are reading come in to help you make an informed purchase decision. Some running footwear companies are popular and known to offer the best shoes. However, it is still possible to find a brand that is not as popular but has the features that matter in when buying running shoes. They include comfort, sizing, fit, durability, high-quality material, and responsiveness.

Here are the top five best women’s running shoes.

Best Choice

#1.Easy Spirit Women’s Running Shoes-Travel time Mule


When running, you have to do everything in your power to have a stress-free time starting with the kind of shoes you wear. Easy Spirit is a brand that provides a breathable shoe with a fabric upper and a rubber outsole that absorbs shock. This way, you can run comfortably and fast. It uses classic styling and eye-catching materials to give you unique, outstanding running shoes.

The extended widths are helpful for those with large legs. These shoes are usable with orthotics, as they have a removable sock liner. Their breathable upper allows proper airflow, which keeps your feet dry and free of odors. This brand is supportive and comfortable to suit users with low arches. The ankle area stretches to accommodate swollen ankles. You will find the toe box spacious, thus preventing discomfort.

Easy Spirit adopts a slip in and slip out design instead of a lacing system. This is convenient when bending is impossible for example when running on a busy street. With laced running shoes, you have to stop and find a suitable spot to tighten or loosen the laces



Customer Opinions

Easy Spirit receives many positive opinions that outweigh the few negative comments. For example, one buyer says they are the “best shoes for larger ladies and anyone with plantar fasciitis.”

Patsy Powell says:

“I’ve worn Easy Spirit shoes for years and love them. The clogs are so comfortable with good heel padding & some arch support. Have a little arthritis in knees and, rather than bending over to tie shoelaces or trying to get my foot up on my knee to tie them, these are easily stepped into…”

Merrell Marshall adds:

“Good quality, best wide shoe for the money

This is THE shoe line for wide feet. Good support, good fit, consistent size and quality over time. If you have unusually wide feet and don’t want to buy throwaway shoes, this is THE shoe for you. Buy two pairs so you don’t wear the same shoes day after day. Both pairs will last longer if they dry out between wearings.”

Best Choice

#2. Asics women’s Gel Venture 5 Running Shoe


With Asics Venture 5, you are wearing shoes made from synthetic materials. Its high abrasion sole is rubber thus fostering durability. The shaft height is comfortable to accommodate your foot arch. These shoes have a rugged design that makes them tough while their bright overlays increase aesthetics besides improving support and ensuring a snug fit.  

Asics gel cushioning at the rear of the shoe helps protect your feet against shock while the removable foam sock liner increases the versatility of this product. Remove the liner and insert something else if need be such as an orthotic. The shoe brand has a high performance and is usable on varying terrains. Its toe area has extra room for comfort, and the arch is high enough for normal feet.  

About construction, Asics Venture 5 women’s shoe has a woven upper that is resistant to tearing. This product utilizes a breathable mesh that provides adequate ventilation. The heel and the caps ensure protection for your feet safeguarding you from injuries on trails.

Apart from trails, this shoe can also handle pavements. With the full-length midsole consisting of EVA foam, it gives your legs a nice platform on which to rest. It is also comfortable and responsive for energetic strides. The extra cushioning on the heel bars against discomfort when your feet strike the ground.

Asics’ semi-curved design mimics the shape of your feet, thus ensuring comfort and a glove-like fit. Its outsole has multi-directional lugs for efficient gripping on terrains be it slopes or flat surfaces.



Customer Opinions

Customer reviews from verified buyers assist you in determining whether a product is worth buying or not. No single product gets positive reviews only. Even a popular, functional shoe brand garners a few negative opinions. What matters is the number of pros outdoing the cons.

Susan G. Feltman says:

“Great pair of shoes

I love my shoes! They are very supportive, especially around the ankle area, but still have enough room in the toes to be comfortable even when walking downhill. These are good shoes to wear all day long, even after a workout. I wear them with lightweight socks. Usually, my shoes are size 8.5 to 9; these shoes are size 9.5.”

Dicosola continues to state:

“I love these shoes! I am hard to please as well due to planters factitious, fallen arches and lots of screws in my ankle. Great arch support and really beautifully designed shoe. The photo doesn’t do them justice. They make me happy looking at them and wearing them. I only wear them to work out and they feel great! Great price too!”

An Amazon Customer comments that:

Athletic shoes for those with high arches and wide feet

I have high arches and wide feet, Asics are the best athletic shoes I’ve found for my type of feet. I highly recommend them for anyone with the same foot type.”

Best Choice

#3. Reebok Princess Running Shoes


Reebok is among the popular running shoes companies. The Princess Women’s shoes are available in varying sleek colors including red, black, blue, purple, pink, and white. Use the laces to fasten the sneakers so they can fit properly. The perforated accents ensure air circulation around your toes, heel, and the arch.

Reebok’s manufacturer uses EVA material for the midsole to provide lightweight cushioning and makes a padded sock liner for extra support and shock-absorbing capability. This brand has a rubber outsole with top-notch abrasion and functional traction. Its soft lining wicks away moisture and sweat for comfortable running. The reinforcement on the toe area provides more strength, feet protection, and durability.



Customer Opinions

Buyers who have already worn and ran in Reebok Princess Shoes have attested to the fact that they are beneficial shoes. One consumer complains about the leather not being real yet the company makes it clear that the shoes are made from synthetic leather.

Alexia Taylor Eichman says:

“So Happy!! I didn’t feel like spending close to $200 on a fencing shoe so someone pointed me toward court shoes. I don’t play volleyball, but this shoe holds my foot, I don’t roll, I don’t slide forward. It has great floor feel in the toes, and good cushion in the heel. While still feeling comfortable and not vise-like. The red shoe came with red laces and black laces. And they look cool!”

Carly states that:

“Excellent fit, excellent quality and just a good looking pair of running shoes.”

Best Choice

#4. Brooks Women’s Glycerine 15


If you are looking for soft running shoes that fit well, consider Brooks Glycerin 15. They are very cushy for comfort. You will find Brooks in white, ebony, and green colors. It features a mesh for breathability and a rubber outsole that provides a good grip. The cushioned footbed offers your feet support when running.

Do you like modern, trendy shoes? Glycerin 15 is a good example. It uses a 3D stretch print on the upper providing you smooth, steady strides. Brooks has improved the design of its Glycerin 15 women’s shoes to include super DNA cushioning in the midsole, smooth transition, and plush fit.

The midsole has an extra 25 % cushioning for superior shock-absorption. The plush fit exists thanks to the stretchable design and structure of the shoes. As you run, they flex along with the movement and position of your feet. This brand has smoother transitions with every step you make.



Customer Opinions

Christine Baccaro says:

In the past, I’ve worn Nike and then switched to Asics. Recently my Cumulus 19’s didn’t seem to stop the pain I would eventually get after running in them for a few months. I read a ton of reviews and these Brooks had the best ratings. I decided to try them and although it’s only been just over a week, I love them. They are so light and comfortable and make running seem easier than usual! I run about 3-4 times a week, totally 20 miles – I just want to provide an idea of how the shoe is used. I’ve always had issues with shoes not providing enough support but these seem perfect.”

Danel reiterates:

“These shoes are so comfortable with proper stability for my flat feet. I highly recommend them to anyone with flat feet or plantar fasciitis.”

Stevan adds:

“Love these shoes! I have a high arch, narrow feet and very narrow heels. I have NEVER-EVER been able to find a shoe that will not slip up and down on my heels every step I take…until these. I could use just a tad more height in the arch, but I am able to lace and tie these snug enough that the shoes hug my feet. These shoes support my feet better than any I ever remember owning. Great stability.”

Best Choice

#5. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe


As you search for the best running shoes for women, you will come across various Adidas models. When you purchase cloudfoam pure running shoes, expect to get eye-catching running footwear in varying colors. This is a synthetic shoe with a low-top shaft. Use the heel pull to ensure it fits well before heading out.

The sock liner consists of cloud foam memory that molds when wearing the shoe for comfort and cushioning. Its upper uses an elastic mesh construction. You can choose to wear socks or not.  The pull-tabs on the tongue and collar promote easy wearing. Adidas’ lacing cannot be pulled too tightly because the shoe’s tongue and upper are one, which restricts fastening.



Customer Opinions

Despite Adidas attracting varying opinions on performance, it is a brand worth wearing considering the benefits it offers your feet.

Albert comments:

“Love these shoes!…I’m normally a size 8 or 8.5 depending on the brand of shoe and the 8’s fit me perfectly with thin (or no) socks. If you wear slightly thicker socks, you may want to go up a half size…They were so comfortable!…These are more of a slip on shoe. There are laces but you don’t need to undo them to get the shoe on or off. There is no tongue like a normal shoe so the laces seem more like a decoration. They can tighten the shoe somewhat though if you feel that are too loose.”

Lauren Clark adds:

“I LOVE these shows! I have a wider foot and these are perfectly comfortable! No need to even break in! They’re super cute and sooo comfortable! I’m a 6.5 and got a 6.5.”

An Amazon customer says:

“These are the cutest and comfiest shoes! I am usually a size 8, and I have a few other pair of Adidas CF running shoes in size 8 that are a little too big. So when I bought these I got a 7 1/2, and they fit perfect! The color is super cute, and they are so light – perfect for running…”

Final Thought

Finding the right running shoe is a crucial process.  If I only could recommend one to you, it would have to be the ASICS GEL Venture Running Shoe. You should be keen about the brand you go for to make sure it is supportive with proper cushioning to protect your feet from harm and shock. The five reviews we have covered are a guide to what comprises a great women’s shoe worth buying. The negative opinions should not scare you from buying a given product. If it appeals to you then buy it and have first-hand experience.

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