ASICS GT 2000 5

The new ASICS GT 2000 5 shoe takes a bold step forward in unsurpassed performance and modern design. ASICS continues its long tradition of being a reliable stability shoe offering plush cushioning during each foot strike.

ASICS GT-2000 5 Running Shoes

ASICS GT-2000 5

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Technical Specs

5 Good Reasons to buy the ASICS GT 2000 5

  1. The Gel Cushioning System has amazing shock absorption.
  2. A breathable, flexible upper and excellent lacing system deliver consistent performance.
  3. The well-designed heel counter maximizes stability.
  4. With the FluidRide system, your mid-sole will always be comfortable.
  5. The wide selection of colors makes this shoe a good choice for casual wear too.

3 Reasons not to buy the ASICS GT 2000 5

  1. Narrow toe box is uncomfortable for some.
  2. This medium-weight shoe may seem too heavy.
  3. Sole has numerous features, which may limit flexibility.

Bottom Line

The ASICS GT 2000 5 running shoe is durable and guaranteed to offer you top-of-the-line comfort. Choose the fit carefully, and you’ll have a shoe that will deliver long-distance performance on even the most challenging runs. Overall, the Solyte midsole material in these shoes makes the shoe stable and comfortable throughout ones run. The shoe has a very good impression because of its solid and tough style. ASICS GT 2000 5 offers runners a plush comfort even in long runs.

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The GT 2000 is a running shoe with many features that will make the shoe more comfortable. The upper side of the shoe already updated with seamless overlays. Compared to the previous models GT-2000 4, this shoe has a trim deformation that will help to maintain the ground up deformation.

This shoe delivers comfort from its FluidRide mid-sole. The heel counter supports the heel cup comfortably and provides enhanced support which locks your foot in the shoe and reduces the tendency to over-pronation.

GT 2000 5 would feel comfortable when you are wearing it in a shoe store, but you can feel the real comfort of this running shoe when you wear it for several miles running. And then you will realize that the best and ideal running shoe is deal with your running style and the shape of your foot rather than the logo stitched on the side.

Road-Running shoes such as GT 2000 5 are designed for occasional forays and pavement onto packed surfaces with slight irregularities. It is flexible and light, it is made to cushion or stabilize your feet when you run on hard and surfaces during repetitive strides.

You choose a running shoe easily by determining the type of running you do and running style, try on shoes to find out the one that fits the best, and pick the categories of shoe and features which match your needs. Usually, a pair of running shoes will last between 400 to 500 miles of running.

Size and Fit

The ASICS GT-2000 runs pretty true to size. If anything, it may be a bit small, which means that you may want to go up a size. Additionally, it has a narrower toe box than some other ASICS models. It’s available in medium and wide widths, so if you have a wider foot, don’t hesitate to choose the roomier option.

Your feet will thank you for it. Regardless of which width you choose, the shoe’s curved shape is likely to accurately mimic the shape of your foot, resulting in greater comfort even over long distances.

ASICS GT-2000 5

Upper Construction

You won’t have to worry about your feet getting overheated and sweaty on these shoes. The upper is mainly constructed of an open mesh that guarantees the maximum amount of breathability. This also ensures that the upper hugs the foot like a comfortable glove.

Another feature you’ll probably love is the proprietary ComforDry sock liner, which is made with an advanced anti-bacterial material that keeps your shoes smelling fresh even after a tough run. The updated lacing system, which features independent eyelets, is about as perfect as you’ll find on the market today.

ASICS GT-2000 5

Sole Construction

This is what really counts for runners, and ASICS has packed with plenty of features. The Gel Cushioning System uses a silicon-based gel in separate pockets in the heel and forefoot. In the midsole, you’ll notice the FluidRide system, which brings you enhanced comfort wherever you are in your foot strike.

Support is provided by the Dynamic DuoMax system, which is constructed from a dual-density foam that helps to correct stance issues. Essentially, it lifts the arch to allow your foot to achieve a more natural position on the ground. The shoe also has the Guidance Trusstic System and the Guidance Line to provide comfort, support, and an enhanced gait cycle.

ASICS GT-2000 5


With improved shock absorption, increased stability and an unmatched lacing system, you could run in these shoes all day. Like other runners who have tried these shoes, you may discover that your over-pronation tendencies are lessened, which results in fewer aches and pains. These shoes are so comfortable, that you may be able to increase your weekly mileage.

ASICS GT-2000 5


If you over-pronate you’ll love these shoes. This version features more adaptive gel cushioning, which means more support for mild to moderate overpronators. The improved heel counter is a definite plus as it cradles the arch and heel to reduce the tendency to over pronate.

Differences between GT-2000 4 to GT-2000 5

ASICS has a reputation for making a quality running shoe. The GT-2000 5 is no exception. It may not be perfect, but road runners will still find plenty to admire.

Compared to the GT-2000 4, this latest iteration features a repositioned gel pocket in the heel for improved comfort. The other main improvement is the updated mesh on the upper. It features seamless overlays, allowing for a snugger, more secure wrap.

Another innovation on the GT 2000 is the shear deformation. Previous models only allowed for deformation from the ground up. This one maintains the ground-up deformation but adds side-to-side. The result is smoother transitions throughout the foot strike.

You’ll appreciate the FluidRide midsole for the comfort it delivers. The updated heel counter comfortably reinforces the heel cup and provides enhanced support. This lessens the tendency to over-pronation and secures your foot in the shoe. You will probably experience fewer after-run aches and pains than you do with other shoes.

This version also includes the company’s exclusive Duomax support system along with their Impact Guidance System that’s known as Trusstic Technology. Altogether, this makes for a supportive, reliable shoe. Your feet will be comfortable even on your longest runs.

Product Features

Impact Guidance System

Tall and uncoordinated deal with serious gait problems while exercising. If you are part of this statistic, GT-2000 has a new Impact guidance system that maintains a natural gait. As your heels and toes hit and lift from the ground, its Guidance Line vertical flex groove, for instance, aligns them well to moderate over pronation.

Guidance Trusstic System

The newly designed Guidance Trusstic System in the ASICS GT-2000 maintains the structural integrity of this shoe as well. The system also lowers the weight of the sole, reinforces the arch, and helps to moderate over pronation further, when running.

Dynamic DuoMax support

To improve the durability of ASICS running shoes, the manufacturer has fitted a Dynamic Duomax support system in them. The system prevents the feet from rolling inwards when running or exercising. This often lowers the durability of ASICS shoes.


ASICS GT-2000 5 has FluidRide midsole system which makes the midsole always great for long runs and comfortable all the time. The Gel and shoes underfoot cushioning system has amazing shock absorption and responsive, so your feet won’t be sweating too much. The shoe has a narrow toe box which may be uncomfortable for some people, but if you are comfortable with it then no problem. The heel is a well-designed that will maximize stability. Besides remaining durable and strong, even after many uses, the running shoe has a wide array of styles and colors that make it a good choice for your casual wear.

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