Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3

Running trail is an enjoyable activity. Facing all terrain is a challenge for every runner. Therefore, you need the best running trail shoes at the moment. So, the Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3 is one of the best choices for you.

Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3 Running Shoes

Pearl iZUMi

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Technical Specs

3 Good Reasons to buy the Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3

  1. It is one of the most suitable combinations of high-end technology-based design with comfort.
  2. Runners need it most due to its wide space and mid-sole area.
  3. The cushioning effect soothes the feet, and ESS rock plate protects you from any sudden falling.

2 Reasons not to buy the Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3

  1. Not comfortable for some users.
  2. Pearl Izumi discontinued Trail N2 v3.

Bottom Line

The trail N2 v3 best features include its light-weightiness, full-featured protected structure, smoothed surface, responsive material, and breathable design. The Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3 is one of the most beautiful hard-wearing shoes. The grip and fit of these shoes are incredible, and people are quite satisfied with it in this aspect.

Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3 Reviews

Trail EM N2 v3 is one of the best choices for you if you are looking for the best running shoes and want best of both worlds as it maintains the foamy cushioning surface and the ultimate rocky surface helps to jog and walk on the pointiest and sharpest lands. This amazing set of shoes has a supportive trail for runners. The first standout feature is Strobel board which means the thin foam layer which connects to the midsole. Another remarkable feature is an ESS rock plate that prevents tweaks and bruises. Runners love it due to the smooth rolling texture and firm sole because of Mesh synthetic overlays. All of these features together can’t be found anywhere else.

Size and Fit

The usual size of this Trail N2 v3 is size 9 for men (approx. 297 grams) and size 8 for women (approx. 260 grams). Similarly, the heel is about 27 mm high and forefoot is 19 mm.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable and grip the feet well. It is also because the improved design of this Trail N2 v3 is a bit wider which gives an excellent fit to the feet.

They are mostly recommended in long journeys because it provides immense comfort to the home.

Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3


The Outsole made up of the Carbon Rubber of Trail EM N2 v3 is semi-firm, not very soft due to its ESS rock plate maybe. It was required to semi-firm because then the runner won’t be having the fear that the shoe outsole would be torn down. No matter how much rocky or uneven surface, it would be.

The standout feature is that it is much harder from the outsole but super comfortable from inside due to its high-end design. So if anyone, apart from runners is going for trekking, hiking or at any muddy place so just grab a pair of Trail N2 v3 without thinking because you won’t regret.

Similarly, it provides excellent traction while running or jogging. The person should always check for this important feature in the shoes, and there’s a 0.000001 % chance of slipping while wearing it.

Pearl iZUMi Trail N2 v3


The midsole part of the Pearl iZUMi Trail N2 v3 is the thing that would be providing you with ultimate comfort and easiness while walking, running and jogging. It is made up of high-quality because if it would be made up of cheap material then ultimately it would not long-last.

It is true that it makes the shoes super comfortable, but in actuality, the midsole is made up of ESS rock plate so when you would observe it also has a highly compressed foam. So the hard surface saves you from the sharp and rocky surface, whereas the surface of foam makes the movement easy for you. They both work together for your comfort. Similarly, this foamy surface prevents your legs from turning or spinning over.

Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3


The Upper of the Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3 is more or less same as of the previous versions of the shoes. It consists of multiple overlays that help in preventing the feet from water, sweat, and smell inside the shoe. It also helps in maintaining the stability while you are walking or running so that you won’t slip away.

One more important aspect is that the Upper also has a reflective surface which guides you with visibility in the dark. The mesh part is also much stretchable that helps you to prevent from water or light without stopping for miles.

Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3


The unstoppable Trail N2 v3 is made with a bright idea to propagate breathability.

It is much necessary to design the shoes in such a way that air can go inside and outside of the shoes quickly, and the Trail N2 v3 is so wide that air can easily circulate inside it. This feature helps in performing at its best because it prevents your feet from being wet, having blisters or cold feet or giving your feet a bad sweaty feeling.

Similarly, it simultaneously helps the upper to get dried naturally in no time. It is preferable for those runners who have wide feet because it would prevent them from the breathability issues.


Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 v3 is a stable shoe and has resistance in all terrain. So, people are enjoying while wearing it so far. Why it has been standout still among other similar products is that the brand is not compromising quality over quantity. They are working at their best to improvise the design and user-experience more. The simple requirements of the people are fulfilled in such a systematic way that makes everyone contented with this pair of shoes like they are affordable in price, it will long-lasts due to its durability, and the design is not so flashy somewhat subtle that makes it the best choice. So, people who usually go for hiking, trekking or on trails, then this one is for you.

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