A Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

A Beginner’s Guide: How do I start Trail Running First, practicing your stamina is crucial. The athletes of trail running specifically advice for beginners to adapt to the natural region. The steep level of land and the variety of region that you may face is not something you experience on the flat street. It is important to take it easy, for someone who rarely goes in sport, because a sudden pump in your heart may hurt it. Here are some more Tips to Starting Trail Running 1. Sportswear First of all, you might need good shoes, which have the pointy … Read more

Easy and Fast Warm Up – How to Warm Up Before a Trail Race

Trail Race

Doing warm-up is kind of must-to-do thing for every trail runner before performing the race. A good warm-up will make them and their body more ready for the race. What’s more, some researchers reveals that doing warm-up can make us don’t get exhausted easily while running. However, if you are a trail runner beginner, you probably have no idea to do warm up before a trail race. Here we provide you some basic warm up to do before you start the race. Check this out! The Best Warm-Up Exercises for Runners Several studies and professional athlete reveals that the best … Read more

The History of Distance Running

Distance Running

Running events aren’t modern creations. That, of course, isn’t surprising since us humans have been able to run since, well, humans were invented. After all, running is as natural to us as talking, walking, eating, drinking, and dropping “bombs” in everyone’s favorite chair (the crapper, for those who didn’t catch on right away). And because of that, it didn’t take that long before people thought of besting each other at it. Athletes have been participating in distance running events long before Usain Bolt was obliterating his competition. In fact, the first recorded distance running events were held as early as … Read more