Guide to Trail Running

A Beginner’s Guide: How do I start Trail Running

First, practicing your stamina is crucial. The athletes of trail running specifically advice for beginners to adapt to the natural region.

The steep level of land and the variety of region that you may face is not something you experience on the flat street. It is important to take it easy, for someone who rarely goes in sport, because a sudden pump in your heart may hurt it.

Here are some more Tips to Starting Trail Running

1. Sportswear

First of all, you might need good shoes, which have the pointy aggressive sole that usually stiffer than any other running shoes. Check our best trail running shoes 2018 list.

This type of shoes has midsole with EVA substance that has nylon, light, flexible plastic to protect the feet from any unseen stabs from the branches you step. Because the trail running happens on a variety of surface, the cushion is not that important.

When doing a trail running, you better pick out clothes that can absorb sweats good but can dry faster. The choice of clothes in trail running is an important thing also. And not to forget the underwear.

Pick out pants that are easy to dry and has the feature to release sweat steam well. The shirt is better to have the quick-dry material like a soccer shirt material.

Don’t forget to prepare a warm outerwear, if somehow the mountain is too much for you.

2. Backpack

A backpack and trail running are different with a backpack for hiking. The backpack for trail running is a small backpack, like a biking backpack or a small size hydro pack.

A trail running itself doesn’t need any backpack since it just a casual run that may be done in a day.

Is not like you want to camp anyway, but if you do, it is a carrier you use. Not always a backpack, the trail running gear could be a vest that has lots of pockets for you to put something nearby easily.

A trail running backpack is good to keep tools like drinking water, foods, medicines, wallets, phones, and any personal things.

3. Other necessities

What’s a hydro pack you say? A hydro pack is a bottle of water, packed in a flexible plastic. If you’re done with it, you can fold it to save spaces. Check our best hydration packs 2018 list.

Pick the one that fits your needs, starting from the two liter hydro pack or the 3,5 liters one. Don’t forget to bring your simple First Aid Kit as well, because accident- might happen anywhere.

You may need some whistle too because the area reached by its sound is faster than just your screaming.

Another thing you need to consider bringing is to bring hypothermia blanket that is made from aluminum. It is used to be a savior when someone reached hypothermia- loss of heat in the body.

4. The Area

The location for the mountain to trail running needs to be considered well too.

It needs to be known that in trail running, it doesn’t have any same goals like the mountain hiking. That is to reach the mountaintop.

The trail running doesn’t even need days to go, and it only needs one. That is why the trail running Is very popular, and it is because of its short-term and efficiency, that is perfect for people on the go.

7 Reasons to Try Trail Running That Will Surprise You

Trail Running or Mountain running is a sport that stands by running and hiking, especially in the highlands area where you don’t find any flat surface.

It has a steep grade that hard for a city dweller that face the flat asphalt every day. But then there are reasons to try trail running; the reward is mind-blowing, you might find out a good trail that led to a magical place, or at least beautiful sceneries.

Here are Reasons to try Trail Running you need to Consider

1. It is healthy, out of the sport of running and climbing that work your heart, the fresh air in the mountain is proven to heal asthma as well.

If there is a comparison between the tiredness from trail running and the happiness gained, the higher grade still is the happiness gained. Since moving your body makes a release of the endorphins, you automatically have the feeling of love along the way.

2. For people that want to have the sexy body and hot abs, trail running is one of the ways to do it. Because running on steep grade means you get to squat naturally. Any up and down regions make your thigh to work better, especially when going downward. The front thigh acts as a brake when going down the hill.

3. Sometimes in trail running, you need to jump. Some branches may come your way, and if its big, you have to jump for it. This jump strengthens and tightens your core unintentionally.

4. Your hips move more stabilize, by walking upward, it uses the muscles of your buttocks and other muscles that are important in hips move. The more you use it then the muscles itself will be stronger and flexible.

The balance that needed for our body on the uneven surface makes your calf ready to withheld body weigh that makes it stronger. The risk of loosening the flexibility of your muscles is lessened too.

5. Being adapted to the rough nature strengthen your body. Every step you take while trail running, your ligament, and tendons near the joints are getting stronger. Therefore, the risk of injury when you ran is less and less.

6. Your heart works faster when you pass the trail run path, many variations of the running area may raise the endurance of cardiovascular in your body differently, compare to running in the streets or on the treadmill.

7. For people who want to diet and lose weight more, you may be happy with the latest research on trail running. Running in the hilly side area is burning more calorie up to 10% more than on the streets. Making losing weight more easily.

To run in the open field of nature is like being back to the primitive state of evolution Where you enjoy more of nature rather than stay in between the dark air of the city.

Trail running is the ultimate sport that combines all nature lover likes. And maybe you like it too. The point of preparing trail running is always safe. Interested? Buy your gear and start running!

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