Doing warm-up is kind of must-to-do thing for every trail runner before performing the race. A good warm-up will make them and their body more ready for the race.

What’s more, some researchers reveals that doing warm-up can make us don’t get exhausted easily while running.

However, if you are a trail runner beginner, you probably have no idea to do warm up before a trail race.

Here we provide you some basic warm up to do before you start the race. Check this out!

The Best Warm-Up Exercises for Runners

Several studies and professional athlete reveals that the best warm-up for trail runners is easy jogging. This one surely makes your body more ready for the race.

You can do easy jogging with dynamic movements. However, there are other kinds of warm-up before the race. By the way, always use the best trail running shoes in practice or race.

Okay, here’s to warm up before a trail race for getting good performance.

Basic Practices before Trail Race Performance

1. Walking

Walking is the best practice that you can do before the trail rice. Do a quick walk for about 5-10 minutes before the race starts. Bring your sports drink to get over your hydration.

2. Dynamic Exercises

Professional athlete surely does some exercises before the race starts. Before having your easy jogging, you can do some basic dynamic warm-up involving leg swings and lunges.

You can do the dynamic warm-up about 30 to 45 minutes before trail race. However, if you already do regular lunges warm up; you better not to do this to avoid muscle fatigue.

Do ten front-back, and ten side-to-side leg swings would be better. Doing quick leg swings warm-up is suitable for neuromuscularpriming.

3. Short Easy-Jogging

Talking about warm up, easy jogging is the best one warm up. For around 20 or 30 minutes before the race starts, do at least 5-10 minutes easy jogging.

If you think that short jogging can increase your fatigue, this is wrong. As long as you keep it short and easy, it could make you don’t get easily exhausted while running.

Do not forget to drink sports water after the jogging to get fatigue.

4. Strides

Doing some relaxed strides could be the best idea to do before the race. You can do 10-20 minutes before it starts.

Do 2-4 strides coupled with leg swings movements. It can make both your body and brain more ready for the race.

5. Bounce Around

Before trail racing, do some bounce around while doing easy jog. Do it for one to three minutes. We suggest you do this one at two or three minutes each mile. Do not forget to take your sports water, and then get rolling.

Doing some short warm-up surely becomes a vital part for trail runners. If you are still confused about to warm up before a trail race, you can follow these exercises.

Being trail runners certainly, needs a lot of efforts and hard-work. You must do routine warm up and training, whether you love it or hate it.

Routine Warms Up and Exercise for Trail Runners

All athletes certainly need daily warms up to improve their performance.

Several studies claim that runners with daily and dynamic exercises were more capable of running about 2,5 minutes longer before they get tired.

Besides routine warm up, professional runners also do some strength training for trail runners to gain extra strength and power. Overall, daily exercise and training are the important part of being trail runners, whether you like it or not.

5 Minutes Warm Up for Trail Runners

Before getting strength training for trail runners, you need some short-time warm up to get ready your body.

Do these warm up for about 20-30 seconds. Use about 10 seconds’ transition before performing to the next.

Let’s take a look at this!

1. Push-ups

Doing some push-ups can strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, and core. Do push-up using your arms and keep the body straight while doing it.

2. Wall Sits

Start by standing with your back touching the walls. Make some distance between each foot for about two feet. Do a motion just like sitting in a chair. Now, move your body up and sits for several times.

3. Bridge

Next strength training for trail runners is doing bridge movement. Start by lying on your back on the floor or mattress, and then bend your knees. Now, lift your waist only and place your weight on the shoulders and feet.

4. Bow

Start by lying on stomach position, and then lift the straightened chest and legs off the mattress or floor, making the bow shape. Then, use your arms by holding the legs to deepen the bend.

5. Pistol Squats

First, standing only on one foot, and then expand another leg out ahead. Now, lower your body into the squat by using standing leg. Extend your arms in forward while doing squats.

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Best Routine Exercise for Professional Runner

1. Hill Jogging

Do 20 minutes easy jogging on the hill. You can do hard run moderately for about 60 seconds, then finish it with easy running for about 15 minutes. Do easy and slowly jogging at least 5-10 intervals once every week.

2. Long run coupled with twist

Long run could great strength training for trail runners. You can do 90 minutes running, 20 minutes warm up, and standard long-run. Mix 30 seconds moderate in every 5 minutes.

3. Downhill Stride

Before doing downhill stride, make sure you have to do the 30-minute warm-up, including stretching and leg swings.

Now, start it slowly and relax, then improve the speed gradually. After that, move again to easy hog and then increase more speed. To finish this training, close with easy jogging for 20 minutes.

4. Shuffle day

Have your self some shuffle day about 30 to 60 minutes slow.

Keep your running pace regular with the same speed, soft, and short strides. Never think that your pace is too slow. A shuffle with 8 to 9-mile speed is not too slow.

Don’t take your ego while doing this shuffle training.

To be great trail runners surely needs a lot of hard-works. Warm up, exercise and training are the things you need to do whether you like it or not. Get stronger and healthier body by putting those workouts in one. Now, you will be more ready for the race.